10 Best Credit Cards For Good Credit Score in (2021)

credit cards for good credit

What is the Good Credit Score? Considering the FICO score range, a good credit score is anything that falls between the window of 670-739. The Vantage Score, however, classifies it as a score between 700-749.

A good credit might seem like a safe place to be. However, don’t forget that where being responsible can further improve your financial stability, a mis-step can prove to be a fatal blow. As financial analysts say “it takes less time to drop your credit score than it takes to improve it”.

Best Credit Cards For Good Credit: Quick Overview

It’s impossible to function without financial security nowadays. From renting a car to buying an apartment, nothing’s possible if you don’t have a good credit backing you up.

If you have been a cardholder for a long time, you must have noticed that even the best offers require that you have an excellent or a GOOD credit score. There is an extensive list of amazing cards and rewards you can access when you have good credit score.

Like the financial industry analyst, Ted Rossman pointed out:

“Consumers with good credit are in an excellent position to earn lucrative credit card sign-up bonuses and rewards for ongoing spending. Many of the best cash back cards are targeted at people with good credit,”

The best credit card for good credit will let you enjoy generous sign-up bonuses, balance transfer offers and cash-backs.

Regarding the best choice, Ted Rossman had also highlighted:

“When comparing options, think about how you spend most of your money and how you want to redeem your rewards. Look to maximize key categories like groceries, travel and dining out.”

If you want to find out how you can achieve or maintain a good credit score, we have rounded up a few tips for you towards the end of the article. Read On!

Best Credit Cards For Good Credit

Avianca Vuela Visa® Card

avianca Visa card

This has been a breeze for the credit card users. The Avianca Vuela Visa® Card was previously known as the LifeMiles Visa Signature® Card.  You can evidently see the perks it has, even before you get into facts, figures and more complicated benefits of the card.

Avianca Vuela Visa® Card offers electronic statements, auto-pay option, emergency card replacement, online account management, complete insurance for travel accidents and chip-enabled card security.

If that is not enough, here is a list of benefits you can further enjoy with this card:

  • Spend $1 on Avianca purchases and earn 3 LifeMiles.
  • Spend $1 on at grocery stores or gas stations and win 2 LifeMiles.
  • Spend $1 on any other purchase to earn 1 LifeMile.
  • Enjoy 15% discount on miles purchases if you are “Multiply Your Miles” user.

Enjoy 15% discount on award tickets when you are traveling from the US to Canada or Central America (Terms and Conditions include a clause highlighting that you must have an expenditure of $12,000 each year to avail this offer).

Not to forget that you will be awarded 40,000 Miles as a sign-up bonus after using the card for the first time.

Did you know? If you are an Avianca Vuela Visa® Card user, you will be allowed to carry additional baggage when traveling from the US or Central America.
Variable APR: 14.99% – 27.99%.
Demerits: A comparatively higher annual fee of $159.

Discover it® Cash Back

discover it

If you are someone who spends a lot on different goods and services throughout the year, then the Discover it® Cash Back Card is meant for you! This one is specifically designed for the frequent online shoppers. It is also a treat for the credit card users who were looking for something that charges low interest.

The card offers upto 5% cash-back when you are spending more than $1,500. The category for which the cashback is offered is rotated every 3 months. Besides that, you will be given a 1% cash-back on all other purchases. There is more:

  • Your rewards will never expire. You can redeem the cash anytime you want to and at any amount.
  • Security activation is free. You will be informed immediately if your “special number” is being accessed at any of the reported fraud sites.
  • There is NO annual fee.
Variable APR: 13.49% – 24.49%
Demerits: You will have to strategically time when you will make a purchase from a specific category to avail 5% cashback offer.

American Express® Gold Card

The American Express® Gold Card has a lot to offer to its users. The first and foremost perk is that you will earn 35,000 Membership points as a reward for spending $4000 on eligible purchases.

American Express® Gold Card

However, you need to make these purchases within the first 3 months of the card usage.

 The other benefits you can enjoy include:

  • 4X Membership Reward® points for dining at any restaurant worldwide.
  • 4X Membership Reward® points for spending $25,000/years in U.S. supermarkets.
  • 3X Membership Reward® points on booking flights directly o through
Variable APR: 15.49% – 25.49%
Demerits: The annual Fee can be $250+

Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

Blue Cash Everyday® Card has been an interesting choice for people who love to redeem their rewards in the form of a statement credit, merchandise or gift cards.

Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

With no hassle of annual fee and over 3 million places in the United States accepting payments through Blue Cash Everyday®, this credit card has marked its place in the list of best options available for those with a good credit score.

Another catchy perk is the payment flexibility that the card offers to its users. You can either pay full each month or choose to carry a balance with interest. In this way, you can continue earning rewards whether you are managing your monthly expenses or making a costly purchase.

Let us explore some of its bright sides:

  • Earn a 3% cash-back if you are spending up to $6000/year at the US supermarkets.
  • Earn a 1% cash-back if you are spending more than $6000/year at the US supermarkets.
  • Earn a 2% cash-back at U.S. department store and gas stations.
  • Spend $1000 in the first 3 months of the card usage and get $150 statement credit.
Variable APR: 14.49% – 25.49%.
Demerits: It is one of the few credit cards that charge a penalty interest in case you miss to make a payment.

Blue Cash Preferred®  Card from American Express

blue cash preferred card

According to a survey carried out in the United States, over 3 million places were accepting the Blue Cash Preferred®  Card from the American Express as a reliable source of payment (2017-2018).

Although the card charges a considerable annual fee, it makes up for it by offering a hefty number of benefits. With the Blue Cash Preferred®  card you can earn $250 statement credit within the first 3 months of use if you make above $1000 purchases on the card.

Some new perks have been added to this credit card recently:

  • Earn 6% cash-back on some of the U.S. streaming subscriptions.
  • Earn 6% cash-back if you are spending upto $6000/year at the US supermarkets.
  • Earn a 1% cash-back if you are spending more than $6000/year at the US supermarkets.
  • Earn 3% cash-back on parking, tolls, train tickets, buses, and many more transits.
  • Earn 3% cash-back on U.S. gas stations.
  • Win 1% cash-back on ALL other purchases.
Variable APR: 14.49% – 25.49%.
Demerits: Charges an annual fee of $95. It is also not a great choice for travelers as it will charge 2.7% foreign transaction fee.

Credit One Bank® Cash Back Rewards Credit Card

credit one bank

Credit One Bank® Cash Back Rewards Credit Card if doing more than just looking out for your credit. It also offers the users to play their part in making the environment paper-free!

Other than that, this credit card lets you manage your account easily with the mobile app. Stay at top of your game with text and email alerts that will provide a minute-to-minute update on your account. It also offers:

  • Free access to online Experian credit score so you can easily monitor your credit.
  • Choose a card style that fits your liking. An additional fee might be charged.
  • NO annual fee.
  • Win a 1% cash-back on ALL purchases.
  • $0 Fraud Liability. 
Variable APR: 19.49% – 25.49%.
Demerits: 3% foreign transaction fee and low earning rates when it comes to cash-back.

Deserve Pro

deserve pro

Deserve Pro does not require you to make any security deposit or co-signer.It includes all the benefits of Mastercard Platinum such as roadside assistance, price protection, ID theft protection, car damage waiver and extended warranty.

There is also no annual fee or any transaction fees included. The Deserve Pro card is famous among students and professions as it allows for easy credit building and helps in gaining financial independence.

Some other features of the card are:

  • Earn 3% cash-back on entertainment and travel.
  • Earn 2% cash-back on restaurants.
  • Earn 1% on ALL other purchases.
  • Enjoy $600 cellphone insurance.
  • Stay up to date with the Deserve Pro mobile app.

There is also an interesting offer for those who rent furniture from the Feather. Simply provide the promo code DESERVE100 to avail $100 discount on the first month’s rent.

The credit limit is up to $10,000. It can be used anywhere that accepts Mastercard as a payment method. It would also compensate if you are late in making the first payment.

Variable APR: 17.49% – 24.49%.
Demerits: Does not offer any sign-up bonus.

Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card

gold delta skymiles

You can steer clear of any foreign transaction fee and enjoy payment flexibility with Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card. Furthermore:

  • Make purchases directly with a Delta card to win 2 miles/dollar spent.
  • Make in-purchases of $1,000 within the first 3 months of card use to win 30,000 bonus miles.
  • Make a Delta purchase with the new card in the first 3 months to win $50 statement credit.
  • Enjoy $0 annual fee for the first year only. After that, you will be charged $95/year.

There is also something extra for those traveling by air. If that’s YOU, enjoy 2 miles per dollar spent when you book a flight on or avail any Delta Vacations® packages. The offer is also valid on purchases made during the flight such as food, or beverages.

Kindly note! Some new rewards will be introduced by the end of January, 2022. They will be automatically applied to the old cards in use.
Variable APR: 17.24% – 26.24%
Demerits: Redemption rates are not very predictable. Some users also think that the earning rates with the offered rewards are very low for those only doing regular spending.

Hilton HonorsTM American Express Card

hilton honors american express card

With no annual fee and $0 foreign transaction fee, Hilton HonorsTM American Express Card has also been a reliable choice for people owning good credit. It lets you make the best of international trips by imposing no additional fee on any purchase made abroad.

Other perks you will be lucky enough to have with the Hilton Honors American Express Card are:

  • Win 3X Hilton Honors Bonus/dollar on all the purchases made through your card.
  • Win 5X Hilton Honors Bonus/dollar on all the purchases made at U.S. restaurants, gas stations and supermarkets.
  • Win 7X Hilton Honors Bonus/ dollar on purchases within a hotel or a resort that is a member of the Hilton Honors portfolio of brands.
  • Last but not least, you can also earn 75,000 Hilton Honors Bonus point if you spend $1000 within the first 3 months of card membership.

The Hilton HonorsTM American Express Card also offers an upgrade from the Silver to Gold status if you spend $20,000 on eligible purchases using your card in a calender year. This is definitely an attractive offer for everyone out here trying to pick the best credit card for good credit.

Variable APR: 17.24% – 26.24%.

Demerits: One thing you need to keep in mind is that the Hilton Honors points don’t account up to much. So if you are in a mood to avail any reward-funded travels, you would need to gather a larger number of reward points.

Hilton Honors American Express Surpass® Card

hilton honors american express surpass card

The good side of this card is much like the parallel Hilton Honors American Express Card. However, it does not come free of annual fee like the former one. With the Hilton Honors American Express Surpass Card, you can:

  • Win 3X Hilton Honors Bonus/dollar on all the purchases made through your card.
  • Win 6X Hilton Honors Bonus/dollar on all the purchases made at U.S. restaurants, gas stations and supermarkets.
  • Win 12X Hilton Honors Bonus/ dollar on purchases within a hotel or a resort that is a member of the Hilton Honors portfolio of brands.
  • You can also earn 125,000 Hilton Honors Bonus point if you spend $2000 within the first 3 month of card membership.
  • As a cardholder, you can also enjoy the gold status with the Surpass card. The perks to this include high-speed internet, better rooms when available, flexibility for checking out late and FREE BREAKFAST!

There’s more! You can also upgrade to the Hilton Honors Diamond status if you spend $40,000 through the card on eligible purchases in a calendar year.

Variable APR: 17.24% – 26.24%.
Demerits: An annual fee of $95. Also, the criteria set for earning a diamond status is pretty high. This means you will have to spend a lot for the elite status.

Have a Good Credit Score? 7 Ways To Make Sure It Stays That Way!

  1. Make all the due payments on time. This contributes to 65% of the total FICO score. That’s a lot!
  2. Apply for one card only. This will increase your chances of getting it. Also, if possible, opt for a secured card.
  3. Clear up all the pending dues as soon as possible and stay up to date with your payment history.
  4. Set up a reminder so you never miss a due date for a payment.
  5. Keep the account active by making small payments with the card periodically.
  6. Keep the account open even with a low balance. This will help your score in the long run.
  7. Decide a budget for saving and fun and ensure you never overspend on the credit card.

Know The Right Choice

Credit activity is normally analyzed after 6 months and then the credit score is calculated. If you have built the score from ashes, you would know that it can take anywhere from a month to maybe years.

Nobody has finally landed on the “good side” want to downgrade again. Opting for the best credit cards for good credit can ultimately lead to an excellent credit score, if you are responsible enough.

Choose wisely!

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