Commitment to Privacy

The privacy of all our users are vital for us. In order to protect your privacy, we have provided a notice that clearly explains our practices for online information and the options you can choose of how your information is collected and how it is being used. For you to easily find this notice, we have made it available on our homepage and on every place where your personal information is required.

The Information Collected

The notice is applicable to all the information that has been either collected or submitted on the website of the company. On some pages, you can make requests and ask to receive the materials. Your personal information is collected on our server log files.

How Information is Used

We do not compromise any of your information with any outside parties. The information you provide is used to evaluate the performance of our website.

Commitment to Data Security

To avoid access of unauthorized individuals, maintain the accuracy of data and ensure that the information is used in a correct manner, we have implied appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to secure the information that we collect through our website.

Commitment to Privacy of the Children

Preserving the privacy of our young ones is crucial, therefore, we never collect or hold any information of those under 18 at our website. Moreover, no part of our website is designed in a manner that may attract the under 18’s.

Members of the EU

All the technology, marketing and other services of Credit Web is targeted to the people and the citizens of The United States of America. It is not possible for us to identify citizens of countries or member organizations. Unfortunately, we cannot serve the members of the European Union due to laws that place us at risk. If you are a member of the EU, we regret to ask that you do not use our services.

Contact Us

In case that you may have any other concerns or queries regarding the privacy policies, feel free to send us a message at our contact page.